Potente cortadora de hormigón de 3kW de potencia equipada con una robusta cadena de diamante ideal para corte en mojado de hormigón, piedra natural, . From cutting out openings in walls and window corners to jab cuts and slicing through walls made out of concrete. Discover the new STIHL GS 4Rock Boss, a concrete cutter with enhanced performance that saws deep into concrete and is ideal for concrete cutting.

W ( bhp)FUEL CAPACITY‎: ‎7cc (2 oz.)POWER SOURCE‎: ‎GasWEIGHT (powerhead only)‎: ‎7. STIHL-GS-461-Owners-Instruction-Manual. Read Instruction Manual thoroughly before use and follow all safety precautions – improper use can cause serious or fatal injury.

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Motorinio pjūklo ir pjaustytuvo derinys: toks yra naujasis STIHL pjoviklis GS 461. Pirmiausia pasižymi geru galios ir svorio santykiu, dideliu pjovimo gyliu, . Price comparison on STIHL GS 4Chainsaw. Compare and find the best deals on your favorite brands. This saw is built for freehand cutting of construction materials, concrete, natural stone, building blocks, sewage pipes, water . The first-ever STIHL concrete saw is the ideal complement to your cut-off machine. The STIHL GS 4concrete saw.

From putting in wall and window openings . Kraftvoller 3kW-Gesteinschneider mit robuster.

Mit STIHL 2-MIx-Motor und Langzeit-Luftfiltersystem mit HD2-Filter. This revolutionary concrete cutter changes the game with . Stihl GS 4Compatible Guidebar inch (cm) picture. Zusätzlich überzeugt der Gesteinschneider STIHL GS 4durch eine einfache Handhabung, ergonomisches Design sowie eine effiziente Wassernutzung. Bočné napínanie reťaze, antivibračný systém . Encuentra Stihl Gs 4en Mercado Libre México.

Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. GS 46 Бензопила для бетону, алмазний ланцюг, шина 40см. GS461) Producator: STIHL Model: GS 4Descriere Motodebitator mobil, puternic de kW, . Rubber Bumper: Rubber bumper in the front of the engine housing helps protect the unit in the cut. Upright Filter Cap: Designed for upright fueling. Meget kraftig kW betonsav med kraftig diamantskærekæde.

Perfekt til frihåndssavning med van i byggemateriale som beton, natursten, nedløbsrør og i . Concrete Credentials to get the job done. Met STIHL 2-MIX-motor en long-life luchtfiltersysteem met HD2-Filter. Voor de koeling, stofbinding.

Tnie beton, kamienie, skraca . Kraftig spesialmaskin for de vriene oppgavene. GS 4er et supplement der en vanlig kappemaskin ikke kommer til, som ved hjørnekapping, utsparring og ved .