On this page you learn how to fill it correctly. Herramienta del sistema Combi. Applications: for lawn trimming, around trees, between shrubs, along edges, walls and fences.

Double line for mowing and thinning. The nylon line is automatically readjusted when the cutting head is tapped against the ground. FS with added ergonomic bike handle for comfortable use.

Cabezal de corte para motoguadaña Stihl Autocut 25-2.

The FS brushcutter is designed with the landscape . Stihl Compatible Autocut 25-Spool with Line. This spool and line is designed to fit the Autocut 25-head on your Stihl mower. The power of the 4-Mix Stihl is awsome compared to Echo but the Echo trimmer . Round and Quite Line: Amazon. Der Mähkopf AutoCut hat einen Fadenspeicher und das Nachstellen des Fadens erfolgt während des Betriebs des Geräts.

STIHL AutoCut 25-Mowing Head. Mowing lines are automatically extended when the mowing head is tapped on the . Z półautomatyczną regulacją żyłki.

Para tipo de hilo, Redondo, high-Tech en forma de cruz CFPro, redondo silencioso, x, . Perfekt både till finputsning längs med staket, rabatter, gångar m. AutoCut 25-De vervangende maaikop AutoCut 25-beschikt over een reserve aan maaidraad in het maaigereedschap. Replacement parts suitable for the following Stihl Autocut strimmer heads: 25- 40-2. AutoCut pjovimo galvutė turi valo saugojimo ritę, o valas paduodamas, kai įrenginys dirba. High Quality Replacement Parts – Nearly identical to the OEM!

Fast delivery throughout the United Kingdom. A large choice among Brushcutter Head. FS-KM AC 25-Brushcutter with mowing head AutoCut 25-2. Approved for all CombiEngines. Ideal for thinning along walls or fences, under hedges or along . Proline commercial grade bump and feed trimmer head for many Stihl trimmers please check fitment.

Mähkopf zum Ausputzen an Hindernissen wie Mauern, Treppen oder Beeteinfassungen und für Flächenarbeiten. Head comes preinstalled with. The powerful shopping cart software for web stores and e-commerce enabled stores is based on PHPwith SQL database with highly configurable .